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All the main content from this blog, split into developer skills, teams and careers. Followed by posts on different platforms. 

1. Developer skills

Stoicism: A software developers guide.

An inside look at my favourite apps

Unit testing: Why you aren’t convinced (and what to do about it)

How ancient greek philosophy will make you a better developer

The best personal investment you’ll ever make: Touch typing

On becoming a better developer without losing your sanity (8 tips)

What the hell is “The socratic method” and why as a developer you should care

Debug with the scientific method and preserve your sanity

A simple strategy for staying calm under pressure

What my life’s most terrifying event taught me about leadership

Enable strong conversation with 3 versatile metaphors

5 ways to get more out of your non-fiction reading

How to build resilience and master your emotional responses

How using metaphors saved my bacon

2. Teams, Leadership & Agile

Does your agile team have a “learning disability”?

Agile is the ability to change, not just the ability to ship

The importance of trust in software teams for disaster avoidance

Why so many miss the point of scrum.

3. Developer Careers

On being and hiring an apprentice

Creating a powerful online presence with a platform

Plot twist! Your portfolio is not about you …

Why “Should you build your portfolio with code or a template?” is the wrong question

The best software developers write, you should too

Why learning a new framework could damage your career.

Overcome the fear of selling yourself

5 steps to bulletproof behavioural interview prep

The Importance Of The Developer Portfolio

Becoming an irreplaceable junior software developer

One short exercise that will 10x your employability as a software developer

4. Misc

3 practical steps to self-documenting code

5. Guest Posts

The not so scary explanation of currying in Javascript

Using Create-React-App with Express

Focus on the basics: The art of mastering Scrum

Five Subtle Secrets Of Effective Leaders

9 ways using components could skyrocket your agile team

7 developer tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed and learn efficiently