A little about me, why I write and what you can expect from me.

My Name is Lou. I’m a Javascript developer currently working in London. I have a long history working with Angular but have recently spent a lot of time with ReactJs. I’m also a big big fan of NodeJS for its simplicity.
I work for a professional services company called AND Digital. Which has exposed me to a very wide variety of work environments. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. But this doesn’t mean I have all the answers. In fact, I hardly have any. But that’s even more, a reason to write …to find them out.

It’s not too technical.

It is my goal to keep this blog non-technical. That doesn’t mean that I don’t write technical content elsewhere. But this blog is more about the human side of tech. It’s about productivity, effectiveness, planning and becoming better individuals and better teams.
The reason I do this is to keep the content Perennial. These ideas should outlast the seismic shifts of the tech world and remain evergreen.

What I write about

Everything I write is from the angle of tech and software development. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply elsewhere.
But the topics are…
Personal Development Ways in which we can be better as individuals. I dive into areas such as marketing and psychology to find ideas we can re-apply to our own lives.
Careers What we can learn about pushing our careers forward. In fine detail. Not only “pick a niche”, but how we get to that niche. How we find what we’re good at and work out how to share that for the biggest impact.
The Future I live in the future and what’s to come. Where the future lies and what that means for our careers. Where we should put our skills emphasis and what we should work towards.
Teams & Agile Software and tech is always in teams. Don’t like working in teams? Sorry, you likely don’t have a choice. That only leaves us with one option: getting good at it. So I write about that, too. I also work in agile environments, so there’s a hint of agile, too.

Not only what, but how.

A lot of the internet tells you what to do. The point of this blog is to go over how to do it.
Take for instance: Software developers should write. A common idiom. But how do we do it? What tools should we use and how do we write in a compelling way.

Why I even bother…

I mean, this blogging stuff is hard work. Promoting it is hard work. It makes sense to know why we do anything. So for an understanding of what keeps me going and why you should keep tuning in …
Because in the end, it’s only you – Start a business, there’s only you. Work for someone else, there’s only you. No matter what move you make, it’s always down to you. The same rules apply to me, too. The ideas won’t stop, so let’s share them, let’s talk about them.
To annex It’s a Stoic belief that you are just a spec in time. So your job is to take the baton, learn and pass it on to the next generation. Unless we share our ideas with the world, we’re forgoing one of our life’s greatest tasks. To annex.
To find answers – One of the biggest reasons I spend my time stuck in books is I’m looking for answers. I’m obsessed with what’s effective and the psychology behind what holds us back. As teams and individuals.
To say what should be said The market is always changing. As a result, the questions we ask of ourselves and our careers is always increasing. I got sick of the dry career advice. If you are too, you’re in the right place. Those who aren’t in the industry are hard-pressed to talk about how the industry is and what it takes to get ahead. And your parents definitely don’t know how it is, so take that advice with caution. We need to open up conversations about how to play the rules of the game as they are today. Not yesterday. How we make the most of the hand we’ve got.

It’s about you.

Whilst this is a blog of my musings. It’s in truth, about: you. That means I need your help. Let me know what you want to hear about. Let me know what sucks, and let me know what you like. Even if you want to chat, get in touch.
You can reach me at contact@louisjohnbichard.co.uk
I’m also pretty active on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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